The Social Media Pool


I feel like my head is under water in the Social Media Pool. There are just too many choices for this old brain to keep up with today. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to browse through and discover new talent on the different sites and be totally inspired by them, but the problem I have with social media is the whole “social” part of it.

My first problem with the social part is that I am an introvert and a man, so those two things together make it difficult because everyone knows most men even if they’re not introverted don’t have much say (LOL!). The next and probably the biggest problem I have is time. How does one go from site to site and keep up with everyone while also working 40+ hours a week and maintain a family life? Oh, let’s not forget about making time to get out and shoot to keep the quality images flowing (this will be a topic for another post soon *smile*). Which brings us to the “Like or FAV” buttons on all of the sites. We know this was created by a man because as I stated before, men don’t like to talk ~ HA! I admit that I use these buttons when I don’t have the time to write a comment on someones picture/image, but I feel guilty in doing so because I am not making the time to give someone the respect that I feel they deserve.

Maybe that is just the way of the world today, but I have decided to go back to basics and limit my social media use to just a few places. I know, I know, there will be millions of people who followed me who will now not have my work popping up on their social streams… a sacrifice for sure. *wink* Seriously, by limiting myself to one or two places I feel I will have the energy and focus I once had to create beautiful art.

Thanks for taking the time and reading.

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