Seasonal Conundrum


I have always loved a good sunrise or sunset within an image as I feel that the sky is an intricate part of a great landscape shot. Now when I was first really getting into landscape photography I was still of the mindset of a normal human being, and that was to rise and be out shooting when the rest of humanity was awake. I found that by keeping those hours with my camera I was in locations that I wanted to photograph, but so were many other people. So I learned to scout out locations in the daylight, and then get back to those locations in the early morning hours as I found that VERY few people will make the effort to be out before the sun comes up.

The Intimate Autumn


The 2017 autumn colors here in the Shenandoah Valley took quite a while to arrive due to the unusual temps we had throughout late September through late October. It seemed that every time we’d have a cold snap, 80 degrees followed it for days which killed many of the leaves that had begun to change. The colors finally arrived, but for the most part they were muted, with patches of brilliance to be found. This made me change the way I shoot autumn. So instead of my usual vistas I concentrated more on the intimate details of the season, which in the end I feel that I came out with some wonderful images which made me feel more connected to nature.