Art Show Learning Curve


Today was a big day for us as we set up a table for our first Arts and Craft show. It was a local  show being held within our gated community, and one that we had hoped we could manage to sell some calendars we had printed up just for this show. Unfortunately the show was a bust for us as we didn’t sell a single calendar. A part of us is a bit down due to the money we invested in this endeavor, but another part is looking at the glass half full! 

What we learned was that we tried to take the safe route with having calendars printed instead of having full size prints done. We both liked the idea of the calendar because we figured people would buy some to hang in their cubicles to give to co-workers as gifts, or at the very least hang in their home office. What we didn’t realize is that most of the people who walked through the door were retired, or they were just there to browse or snack as the only lady who sold anything was selling flavored honey. By printing the calendars we locked ourselves into a product that has a limited shelf life unlike prints that we could repurpose at future shows.

We did get a bunch of nice compliments on the images within the calendar, and quite a few “Wows!” from our print we had done on metal, which is the cover of the calendar.


The print will be repurposed for sure! As for the calendars they won’t go to waste either as I will be hitting up a local market about selling them in their craft area, and fingers crossed they will buy some to sell. If we don’t sell them there we will most likely be giving some away to some places around town hoping they will spur interest for future sales. Sometimes you have to give away today to get paid tomorrow.


In some ways this show was a real success because it motivated me in a way I haven’t been motivated in a long time. It made me get my lazy butt moving and finally finish our Penguin Logo that I had started so many months ago, we got business cards printed, I redesigned the website into a simpler and cleaner look, and now we have a clearer idea of how we are going to tackle shows in the future. The best thing about doing this first show is that even though there wasn’t a single sale, we are not giving up! I take that back, actually the best thing about this show was that even my son wanted to help…


…there is nothing like being able spend some time with your child as you are pursuing your dreams!

Thanks for reading! Oh, BTW… If you’d like a calendar they are now $10 ea. plus shipping. 😉


2 thoughts on “Art Show Learning Curve

  1. Nice write-up Mike. By the looks of it, seems like they calendars turned out very nicely. I’m looking forward to getting some from that printer, as I’ve never used them before.

    All the better being able to spend the day with family too.


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