When The Camera Is Away


Since I’ve gotten older, of the four seasons winter is the one where I shoot the least and I believe this is due to two main reasons. First is that for the last 30 years I’ve worked outside in all the weather for my “day job”. So in the winter I really find it hard to motivate myself to get out on the weekends into the cold I am subjected to during the week. The second reason is due to my age with how the cold is now affecting my bones after working outside for 30 years.

Now even though I don’t shoot as much in the winter that doesn’t mean that my artistic soul doesn’t cry out to be fed. So instead of going into a funk when this happens I have learned to use these cold months to train my mind to see differently. I spend my time looking at other photographers work as to push myself outside of my own creative boundaries.

I don’t believe I have a certain style of shooting, and I think that keeps me fresh and always wanting to create. I equate it to listening to a hit song on a radio station, when it is new it is good, but then after hearing it every hour for weeks on end you end up despising the song.

I write this to encourage everyone to push themselves and discover other photographers and study their work. Learn new techniques for processing your own images. Learn your camera as well as you can so that when you do get out and put the camera to your eye you can see something today that you would have missed yesterday.

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