Don’t Get Discouraged


I would like to discuss something that I am pretty sure happens to all of us who put our hearts into our art… we get discouraged for whatever reason along our creative journey. I know it has happened to me over the years, and I know I haven’t always handled it so nicely. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten better about NOT letting setbacks discourage me, and here is why. 

Art Show Learning Curve


Today was a big day for us as we set up a table for our first Arts and Craft show. It was a local  show being held within our gated community, and one that we had hoped we could manage to sell some calendars we had printed up just for this show. Unfortunately the show was a bust for us as we didn’t sell a single calendar. A part of us is a bit down due to the money we invested in this endeavor, but another part is looking at the glass half full! 

Seasonal Conundrum


I have always loved a good sunrise or sunset within an image as I feel that the sky is an intricate part of a great landscape shot. Now when I was first really getting into landscape photography I was still of the mindset of a normal human being, and that was to rise and be out shooting when the rest of humanity was awake. I found that by keeping those hours with my camera I was in locations that I wanted to photograph, but so were many other people. So I learned to scout out locations in the daylight, and then get back to those locations in the early morning hours as I found that VERY few people will make the effort to be out before the sun comes up.

The Intimate Autumn


The 2017 autumn colors here in the Shenandoah Valley took quite a while to arrive due to the unusual temps we had throughout late September through late October. It seemed that every time we’d have a cold snap, 80 degrees followed it for days which killed many of the leaves that had begun to change. The colors finally arrived, but for the most part they were muted, with patches of brilliance to be found. This made me change the way I shoot autumn. So instead of my usual vistas I concentrated more on the intimate details of the season, which in the end I feel that I came out with some wonderful images which made me feel more connected to nature.

Winter At Blackwater


Lindy Point Overlook taken during a snowstorm in 2010.

Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia is one of my favorite spots when I am wanting some quality shooting and escape time from the suburban jungle. I love this state park year round, but I especially enjoy it in the winter as a layer of snow adds such a  beauty to the landscape here. The park sits in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia, which is one of the most scenic areas in the central Appalachian Mountains as you can see from the image below.

Vermont in Autumn


It had always been a desire of ours to see New England in the autumn as we had seen many photos of the New England  landscape alive with  seasonal colors that always seemed richer than any other place in America. This bucket list trip finally happened this October as we made a trip to Vermont on a whim when our photo trip to Cape Hatteras was ruined due to Hurricane Matthew.

Working completely off of my smartphone Brenda trusted me in booking us a nice place to stay. I found a charming place on Lake Champlain, it was a barn that was restored and had a beautiful 2 bedroom loft. I should correct myself here, where we stayed wasn’t actually “on” Lake Champlain, it was on an island IN Lake Champlain, Isle La Motte to be exact.