Does An Image Need A Main Subject?


Sunrise along Highway 48 west of Moorefield WV. Taken with a Nikon D3S & a Nikon 70-200 f4. 

When I went to post this image to my Flickr page the other day I had to stop for a bit to think if this image was really worth posting. While it had a lot of really interesting stuff going on within it such as the wonderful sunrise color, the fog, the mountains, it didn’t have any one main subject.

When I was composing this image I obviously was captivated by all of the elements within the scene, but I was especially captivated by the shapes within the landscape itself. There are such strong diagonals running throughout each layer and that is what draws me into this image even without a main subject. So for me, I think this is one of those images that is a rule breaker. What do you think, does an image need a main subject to be good?

Thanks for reading!